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Crush Date?

Olive oil is the fruit juice of a bitter fruit (olives). Like any other fruit juice, olive oil does go rancid after approximately 12 months from the actual crushing of the olive. The crush date is the date (mm/yyyy) that the olive was crushed. It is very important that you use fresh olive oil when you cook.

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You can use olive oil in every aspect of cooking when it is fresh. The smoke point (point at which your fat starts to burn or smoke) is on average about 400 to 450 degrees F when the oil is fresh.


How do you find fresh olive oil?

You can find fresh olive oil in your local grocery store. You are looking for a crush date on the bottle and you are looking for the olive oil to be in a dark bottle. Age, heat, light and air are the biggest foes of olive oil and can expedite the oxidation of the olive oil.


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Why Choose Olive Oil over other fats?

Olive Oil is packed full of Polyphenols or the antioxidant that is a preventative to degenerative diseases. It also has one of the highest amounts of monounsaturated fats out of any other fat. These are the fats that our body needs to regenerate new cells and they are very good for our cardiovascular system and brains.


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In the end, look for fresh produce no matter what you are using, whether it be produce, oils, or meats. Always ask questions and make sure you are getting the best produce to ensure your body is healthy.

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