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Hello and welcome to Press and Barrel, my name is Shawn and I am the voice and cook behind all of these original recipes.

I am here to break the barriers between people and their food by inspiring and encouraging every home cook to expand their knowledge of foods and flavors. I truly believe in food transparency and strive to teach others of the importance of knowing what you are eating (my day job). My recipes are here to encourage you to explore, I highly recommend altering these to the way you like to cook, keeping in mind that Fresher is always Better!

I am truly inspired by healthy fats and the simplicity of adding flavors using oils and vinegars to your food.

As a child my traditions and memories all come from the kitchen. Whether it be laying in bed ready to fall asleep when the smell of fresh baked bread tickled my nose or stretching homemade pasta and guiding it through the pasta machine, I don’t remember much outside of making food.  My Dad was and is  my inspiration. We would watch PBS every saturday instead of cartoons and learn a different dish to prepare for dinner that night. This later lead to me cooking dinner for my family several nights a week.

Later, I moved to a food mecca, Austin, Tx. and discovered the endless possibilities of infusions and flavors along with fresh Olive Oils and balsamic vinegars. This leads us to Press and Barrel. Press coming from the action of extracting olive oil from olives and Barrel being the aging process for traditional balsamic vinegars, or wine we like wine too!

Some Fun Facts:

  • I cook everything I make in a very tiny kitchen using my hands, iron skillets and a chefs knife. (I’m not a fan of gadgets.)
  • I am a 20-something year old cook, most of my recipes take 30 minutes to an hour to make.
  • I love to be challenged in the kitchen, want a recipe? Email me and I’ll do my best.
  • My favorite thing about Austin:  Breakfast Tacos and Festival Season

Technical Information:

  • I shoot with an Olympus E-500
  • I edit photos in Photoshop.
  •  If you’d like to use my photos & recipes, please ask or kindly link back to my site for the full recipe and instructions.

Thank you for reading and always Eat, Enjoy, INDULGE!

– Shawn –

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